Posted by: baliliving | September 11, 2011

Back from the depths

Hi all, its been a very long time since i wrote on here, with Facebook, Google +, having a kid and the losing computers its been a long couple of years! any way i’ve found the motivation to write again, lets see how it goes…

If anyone has not been replied to i’m sorry, i am in the process of going through the comments and questions now and i will try to answer any questions that still seem relevant.

Have a great weekend

Mr P.



  1. Hi and congratulations on becoming a dad! I’ve been out to Bali several times and am hoping to head back for a few months again next year. I’m a freelance proofreader and was wondering how easy/difficult it is to find proofreading work out in Bali, and what the pay is like.

    Any advice or info would be greatly appreciated; it’s always helpful to chat to someone who’s “been there, done that” 😉

    Oh, and Merry Christmas!

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