About Moi

I am an English man living in Bali, Kuta to be exact, the difference is apparent if you have ever been here! I live in a small apartment on poppies 2, with my ginger cat george. I’ve got no more than 2 more years in Indonesia before I have to move on with my life!shampoo_advert1

I’ve taken 3 years out, to pay the bills I do some freelance modeling, proofreading and teach surfing. I am in the process of writing a book called ‘mud huts and mosquitoes’, and when I leave here I will have made enough money to move to a boat in the med, where I plan to spend my 30’s cruising around Spain, France, Italy and the Greek islands meeting more people and experiencing new things every day.

I am what I am because of what I have been, I shall be no more than the sum of the experiences I have had. I wish to be the person I know I can be, While I strive for personal satisfaction and fulfillment I know that the reason I’m here is to leave an indelible impression on others.

I hope you enjoy my musings, but please forgive those annoying little mistakes I am going to leave all over the place ;).

ps, if you feel so inclined please leave a comment or two!



  1. how scared were you when that boa was in your face?
    didnt you worry that when you were sleeping it would come back through the hole you had put it through?
    sorry, i love snakes because they fascinate me but at the same time they scare me a little haha

  2. I am a writer in the USA and would like to communicate with you by e-mail regarding possible use of a quote from your Bali Living Blog (part 1) in a book I am writing about a South African surfer … with full attribution of course. If you would be interested, please e-mail me and I will provide you with a lengthy description of the project and my full contact information. Thanks.

    — Chuck Allen

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  4. I stumbled on ur blog by chance (which am not sure if its still active anymore..anyway) .. I am planning to take time off and visit Bali .. more like a spiritual/self discovery journey … initally I decided to stay in Ubud .. but now it seems that Bali has so much to offer that I am thinking of taking time to move around the island and broaden my experiences … your story somwat inspired me … If you have anymore recommendations and experiences I would be happy to know about them.. maybe they’ll help and inspire … Cheers!

  5. Dear friend,
    Thank you for reading about my experience in Pura Besakih (Besakih Mother Temple) in Bali.
    This is one of the worst places to visit because this temple mostly taken over by a local mob team. They are calling themselves “guardians of the temple.” Police are not taking any action again them. Their intention is only money-making from foreign tourists. Also, some local people have problems with them. To me this is “No respect to Mother Temple.” Even if you buy tickets from the official government counter, people are forced by this mob to buy offerings, sarong (long cloths to cover your knee) and tour guides. These mobs smoke in front of the children, gods and in the temple. When you approach the temple you can see beer shops, cigarette shops and Plastic garbage.
    Altogether there is no respect to anybody in this Temple place. People, who are planning to visit Besakih Temple, watch out for this mob. These people are dangerous for tourists. Think before you enter the temple. Do not support this local tour guide mob and their activities in Pura Besakih!

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