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7 tips for getting a hair cut in Bali…

Bad haircut???

Before we get started i will say this, if you dont have to get a hair cut in Indonesia, don’t. I’ve been here for over 4 years and have only had one good haircut! Living in Kuta there is a salon on every corner, i’m sure you have seen the girls sitting on the step usually shouting “hey misterr” at you while you walk, run or drive past. They may have a guy or two with a funky hair style, but dont let that fool you.

Tip 1, the biggest problem is the language barrier, even when you think that you have explained your needs the chances are that the local will ignore them and do what they want. Before you get to a salon pop into a dvd shop and find a dvd which includes a star with the kind of hair cut you want.

Tip 2, this may just be an English thing, but I used to have issues stopping a hairstylist mid cut, I think that this is because I used to trust my regular guy, he understood what i wanted and i could just sit back and enjoy the experience. This is not the case in Bali, you cant relax for a second, keep on top of what they are doing at all times, especially when they go for the clippers!

Tip 3, you get what you pay for. Except in Bali this is not always the case! while you can get cuts for as little as 50k, and as much a 500k, often there is not much difference in the end product.

Tip 4, avoid salons if possible! there are xpats here who used to be highly trained stylists, to make some extra cash they will often do private sessions. Instead of going out to the hairdresser they come to you! obviously this is not sutiable for people on holiday but for people living her its usually the best way.

Tip 5, Have a definitive idea of what you want before you go in. This may seem obvious but many times i want to get a hair cut its because of an off the cuff comment from someone in the bar the night before. While i am looking for a regular salon my thinking is to just turn up and see how they deal with a new head of hair. Usually I know that i’ll not be coming back within 5 min.

Tip 6, After you do get a hair cut realise that it will take about a week for everything to settle down again, don’t make any judgments until then.

Tip 7, dont let your self settle for below standard hair cuts, if you go in to a salon and explain what you want, if they say that they understand but dont do it stop them. Remember your hair is your head suit. People judge you on may things, and your hair is a biggie.

I am guilty of neglecting my hair on occasion, and often leave hair cuts until they are well over due. There are salons here that are being set up by westerners, and although the standard of hairdressing is improving in Bali it is still far from western standards. I am currently working through a list of salons and when I find one that i can recommend i’ll be posting details here.

*edit after several years i have found a couple of places. one i would wholly reccomend is Brasco on Jl Sunset. yes its a big cheap clothes store, but on the left past the bags there is a salon. its cheap 150k for a haircut and cream bath, and if the guy is there pretty good…

Mr P.

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  2. i can add two more tips:
    * do not ever, never get a perm in bali. you shouldn’t get one anyway, but if you have that moment where you think you want these angel-like curls your friend has, just don’t go to one of these western-run salons and don’t think it will be better than the usual massage place. it will hurt, stink, and you will look like a poodle after a 5hour bike ride. not to mention that everyone will tell you “i told you so” and you will have to cut off half of your hair back at home with the hairdresser laughing at you.
    *also, do never, even more never, go to a balinese hairdresser when attending a festive ceremony like a friend’s wedding. the balinese DO understand something completely different under “elegant hairstyle” than you and will use tons of hairspray to affirm that. you will end up with your boyfriend refusing to take you to the wedding, your neighbour having to try to save your hair with approx. 200 needles and the end result will be a “creation bird’s nest”.

    cheers mr.p, love, c.

  3. My God, how bad this haircut ! If you really want to have a western style haircut, and get your wish 100 % realized, you must go to Jerry Humphries salon in Nusa Dua (easy to find on web). He learnt hairdressing in London Vidal Sassoon hairschool and is really great hairdresser, and speaks fluently english. He has 20 years experience with western customers of 5 stars hotel, usually demanding people. Of course higher price than in the “so so” salon of Kuta, but not more than in your own country.

  4. Well that’s settled then, I’ll look for a barber here in Darwin before I go to Bali 🙂

  5. Im originally from Indonesia, even though not origin balinese, but thought it depending on person you met, not all of indonesian people as you saying, anyway thanks for shared, so i could understand what foreigner’s mind

  6. Up stair, not fair!
    It’s not about foreigner’s mind, it’s about their hair.
    The hair styles (plus the hair itself) are very different, something seems absolutely normal for some might be shocking for others. No offense.

    For me, as a single case, I had one good hair cut in 6 years here (although it also involved into something different after a week).

    I understand that there are some good hair stylists out somewhere, but I only had one head and can’t experiment very often.
    Tie up in a knot and hide your split ends is recommended.

  7. Guys,

    I’ve been in bali several years and had my hair butchered many times. Finally, found the only true men’s barber in Bali. It’s in siminyak and they’re very professional, hygienic, and skilled on men’s cuts. Prices are good and they do massage and stuff as well.

    The Barber Bali on Facebook I think

  8. This was written pretty long ago and a lot has changed in Bali. Fortunately, with all the development, a proper men’s barber is on the island called The Barber of Bali. That’s where I go, it’s clean, staffed with skilled barbers (not stylists), great with the cut throats and the cuts. I get the sports massage there all the time too and it’s excellent as is the coffee. They’re on FB.

  9. Omg, for me it wasn’t so hard to find a good place for the haircut. One is small place in Seminyak called “Mutiara Beauty salon & spa”, it is in Jl. Warkudara No. 516X Legian Kaja (betweet Jl. Double Six and Jl. Padma) and near Bali Village Hotel. The female hairdressers there are very nice and there are lots of western customers even though place is small and nothing fancy. They speak quite good English but if you really know what you need better just get pics of the cut you need from the Net on your phone and show it to them.
    (phone number 0361-2753237 or mobile 081 353 167900)
    Another good place is “W1 beauty salon” in jl. Dewi Sri in a gang opposite of Gourmet Cafe (between Kuta and Seminyak). The hairstylist is a man with a very good English. Cut my hair exactly the way I wanted it. (phone number 0878-6126-5229 and this place has Facebook page as well).
    Good luck with your hair everyone 🙂

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