Brighton to Bali & Back Again

Brighton to baliI have met many wonderful people on my travels, but one kindred spirit has at last allowed me to post some of his personal journals.

Mr I is a fellow Englishman, having spent the last ..(cough cough) years wondering the Earth in search of himself, he truly has some amazing tales to tell. From Brighton to Bali and back again.

Look out for new pages every week/couple of days as these stories really are worth taking the time to read.

Due to the Limitations of my html skills please find further pages organized to the right, I am working on a way to link from this page, please bear with me :), the first story is called Scottburgh Pt.1 & Scottburgh Pt.2

Mr P.

Nb. Some of the tales are definitely not for readers who are offended easily!


  1. er just my random thought mr…. (i dont know your name) so ill call you mr bali. anyway why did you leave your hometown and came to Indonesia? i mean theres pretty awesome places around the world.. 🙂

    • Hi V, I Left London for many reasons, and came to Indonesia for just one, to learn how to surf! I have fallen in love with what I have found, and have just stayed! I am not really a traveler but I have been around enough to know what I like. When I leave here I will head back to southern Spain, and around the Mediterranean for my 30’s.

      Bali is one of those awesome places, so is England, but you cant really appreciate how good it is until you have left!

      Mr P.

  2. Ah i see. Me as well wanna go to Africa as soon as possible. Theres something about Africa and i juz cant help it. Ive been to Bali but never try the surfboard! Shame on me huh?
    Anyway great posts you wrote down here. Just keep posting and lemme know when youll be leaving Bali and head for your adventure.
    Best regards,

  3. Hey Mr Bali,

    I am heading over in about 6 weeks for a short stay… Wanted to know where you would suggest I visit in the way of historical sites, some culture but mostly where to meet friendly people over some drinks…

    thanks for any advice, good read here.


    • Hi Nick, Kuta is the place to meet people, and where most will base themselves. There is a bar on poppies 2 called Alley Cats its a bit hidden but worth finding its very friendly, proper English food, great staff, well recommended. Meeting new people is as easy as falling over and hitting the floor! Sightseeing wize I would say that Tnah Lot temple is one of the better ones, along with many others. Link. Bali is really what ever you want to make it, but be aware that a lot of people get stuck in a Kuta Bubble, and end up spending their whole holiday in a cycle of drinking all night, waking up late going to Kuta beach for sunset and then drinking all night again…

      Hope this helps

      Mr P.

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