Posted by: baliliving | March 19, 2010

The BaliSpirit Festival – Ubud

Every year in Bali there are a number of noteworthy festivals, the readers and writers used to be one (until they jacked the prices right up), This post is rather obviously about another!

The Bali Spirit Festival in Ubud has all ready attracted quite a line up of guest stars and more than a couple of very limber looking yoga types! yes I know less about yoga than i do about the process of refining D.N.A!

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Posted by: baliliving | March 13, 2010

More from old Albie!

10 Amazing Lessons from Albert Einstein:

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Posted by: baliliving | February 28, 2010

The Bali Hash…

Living in Bali can be similar to living in limbo, usually everyone here is waiting, the problem is that no-one really knows what they are waiting for! Maybe its divine inspiration, or romance, or that spark that will lead on to the next chapter. My point is that while in limbo it very easy to leave a lot of the little details that make living life challenging out. Many expats are not registered with a dentist or a doctor, many do not take advantage of the social activites that are avilable.

Well having recently realized this i decided to take matters into my own hands. When i was younger than i am now my parents were very social creatures, my mom was particularly social. She carried memberships to gyms, running clubs, book clubs, cooking classes, diy evening classes & various other groups and forums.

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Posted by: baliliving | February 27, 2010

The Rainy Season, without any rain!

Its the rainy season, but it’s not been raining! its still hot, still 30+ Degrees, and i am still getting sunburned!#

What does all this mean? I just dont know…

Posted by: baliliving | February 21, 2010

7 tips for getting a hair cut in Bali…

Bad haircut???

Before we get started i will say this, if you dont have to get a hair cut in Indonesia, don’t. I’ve been here for over 4 years and have only had one good haircut! Living in Kuta there is a salon on every corner, i’m sure you have seen the girls sitting on the step usually shouting “hey misterr” at you while you walk, run or drive past. They may have a guy or two with a funky hair style, but dont let that fool you.

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Posted by: baliliving | February 2, 2010

New Regulations on Visas for Bali

Visas for Indonesia

Stamped visa on arrival, Indonesia

Its that time of year in Bali when the powers that be try to fill the time writing and passing ‘ideas’ that have the result in changing the goal posts…

There is talk about finally changing the land ownership laws, there is talk about making the business application for westerners easier, but the big(ish) news today is that as of January 26, 2010 there are new visa on arrival regulations!

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